Welcome to the English page of my company, Business Essence.

To anticipate on the project of creating a complete website in English I created this page.

Business Essence is about working with your unique and intrinsic motivation, from your authenticity and with the power of your soul. It is not a ‘way of doing’ or trick. Let it be a path on which you will grow from within your essence and will start moving through the movement of life naturally. The essence of everyone is outspoken, full of passion and unique.

While I will be your coach/trainger you will find the perfect match between your passion and talents and you will be able to embed them succesfully in your life and your organisation. Start working from that essence within and a new world will reveil itself, full of opportunities! Being happy is what it is about, and working happily. The moment you have reached that point, you will instantly discover and reconnect with your ambition, no matter what that is. Then your passion and your ambition fit you perfectly, because it is you, from your soul. You will accomplish in what mission I live: living intensely happy in the diversity of the world.

Because of the ambition and personal importance I support organisational learning and a process towards self-steering teams.

Coaching – individual management/lifecoach, teamcoach

Constellations – a powerful method for clearifying situations and getting answer for a team, the business now and in the future

Consulting and mentoring –



Success follows passion


Annechien Broekmeijer